Before Hollywood Ruins Them: The 24 Sci-Fi, Tech, And Supernatural Scripts On The 2018 Black List

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12.18.18 10 Comments

The 13th edition of the Black List is out, highlighting the “most liked” (not “best of”) unproduced screenplays as voted on by over 300 film executives who could choose up to 10 scripts each. So far, 446 previous Black List scripts have been produced, including On The Basis of Sex; All the Money in the World; I, Tonya; The Revenant; Spotlight; Slumdog Millionaire; Juno; Looper; and John Wick. Black List scripts have grossed over $26 billion worldwide and won 4 of the last 10 Best Picture Oscars and 10 of the last 22 Best Screenplay Oscars. In other words, at least one of the scripts outlined below may be taking home a trophy someday, although not every Black List script has gone on to great financial and/or critical success (Passengers, Meet Dave, Mortal Engines).

This years’ list included 73 scripts with at least 7 votes each (a total of approximately 640 scripts garnered at least one vote). The winners were announced via a short film (above) starring Paul Scheer, which is fitting considering one of Scheer’s many jobs includes co-hosting the How Did This Get Made? movies podcast. The video is filled Easter eggs referencing the 73 winning scripts, which probably led to many screenwriters squinting at the screen hoping to see a title they recognize.

Each years’ winners tend to fit a timely pattern. Two years ago, competing biopics were popular. Last year, scripts about woman righting wrongs were common. This year sees a more diverse than usual set of stories as well as several scripts about technology companies run amok. Tech-related storylines were so common this year that we’re including them in our yearly roundup, which usually focuses on sci-fare and supernatural fare.

Whereas many years’ winning scripts star men, this years’ winners (like last years’) showed more variety. As Franklin Leonard of the Black List points out, representation for female characters, writers, and agents has been improving steadily:

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