‘Daredevil’s Charlie Cox Talked About What Would Have Been The ‘Very Exciting’ Plot Of Season 4


We were surprised when Marvel (or was it Netflix?) cancelled Daredevil last November even though the series was Netflix’s fourth most popular show at the time of its cancellation, and the third season was even better than we expected. There’s a rumor the recently cancelled Marvel shows may eventually return on Disney’s new streaming service, and Charlie Cox has already said he’d love to play Daredevil again, but for now, the show is over.

Cox seemed to have been surprised by the cancellation as well, since he and the rest of the Daredevil team were already prepping for Season 4 when the hammer came down. In an interview with Inverse, Cox talked about King of Thieves (which hits VOD and Digital HD this Friday) and about what the Daredevil writers were planning for the show’s next season:

“They’d had a preliminary conversation with me about what might happen and who might be involved or what the story might be. […] [W]hat I heard was very exciting. So I had a vague sense of what the show might be. I had some idea. […] I was looking forward to Wilson Bethel kind of getting to inhabit the character of Bullseye. Season 3 was kind of an origin story for the character and how Agent Poindexter becomes that character. So I was looking forward to having a season where he really embodies the Bullseye persona and what that dynamic would be between Bullseye and Daredevil.”

I guess we’ll have to settle for re-watching scenes of Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell if we want to see Bullseye and Daredevil interact (as soon as we determine the optimal amount of cough syrup to chug beforehand). As for the cancellation, Cox said he didn’t take it personally, probably because “Season 3 had been so well received.” And really, he shouldn’t take it personally. He played a great Daredevil, especially considering he’s an English guy who knew so little about American comic books that he didn’t realize he was playing a blind character until right before his audition.

(Via Inverse)