‘Daredevil’ Was Netflix’s Fourth Most Popular Show When It Was Cancelled

12.05.18 7 months ago 6 Comments


A lot of Marvel fans were, well, blindsided when Daredevil was abruptly cancelled after three seasons on Netflix. The late November axing joins the growing list of Marvel properties that Netflix has ended this year, including Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The departure of Daredevil initially made many wonder if the world finally had its fill of Marvel titles, but a further inspection of the streaming landscape may paint the show’s departure into a very different point.

Luke Cage had its fans and Iron Fist certainly had a decent following as a comic, but neither were the critical or fan favorites that took up huge amounts of your neighborhood’s bandwidth when it came time to binge. Daredevil, however, was critically successful and drew huge streaming numbers for Netflix.

According to Deadline, which further reported on the show’s demise on Tuesday, the show was doing great numbers on the streaming giant when Netflix pulled the plug at the end of November. Daredevil was actually the fourth most popular show streaming on Netflix at the time it was announced there would be no season four.

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