Interview: Rodney Lavoie Jr. and Sierra Dawn Thomas talk ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

“Survivor: Worlds Apart” fourth and fifth place finishers Rodney Lavoie Jr. and Sierra Dawn Thomas called me as a package deal on Thursday (May 21) morning following the “Survivor” finale.

The pairing probably spared Rodney lots of repetition about the various sexism and misogyny charges leveled through the season and discussed through the finale. Those issues came up in our conversation, but it wasn't the meat of the exit interview.

In a season with a 6-1-1 vote, I let Sierra and Rodney defend casting their respective votes for Carolyn and Will instead of eventual winner Mike. 

We discussed a few strategic points in the game, we circled around the sexist comments, the edit and who apologized to whom. 

And we talked about Rodney's birthday and his feelings about Tom Brady's suspension in Deflategate. Which Rodney compares to excessive attention to “Survivor” sexism.

Paired interviews are a good way to deflect problematic questions!

Check back over the next few nights for my exit interviews with Carolyn, Will and Mike.

And check out my full Q&A with Rodney and Sierra below…

HitFix: So, okay. It was a 6-1-1 vote last night and you guys were the two votes that didn”t go with the winner. So off the top, tell me about your votes, how hard they were to decide, et cetera.