A Brilliant Girl Scout Is Selling Cookies With ‘Help’ From ‘Aquaman’ Star Jason Momoa

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A few years ago, Uproxx ranked the Girl Scout cookies from worst to best, and put Samoas number two. That is insane. Samoas are a bottom-five cookie; in no sane universe should they be behind Thin Mints, which [checks when post was published] actually explains a lot. There’s only one way to improve Samoas: slap Jason Momoa’s handsome face on the box. That’s what one Girl Scout/genius did, and now the cookies are flying off the proverbial shelf:

Charlotte Holmberg is a Top Cookie CEO for the Girl Scouts. Charlotte’s mother saw the picture on Facebook, which features a shirtless picture of Momoa. As a marketing professional, she knows a thing or two about the business, so her and Charlotte got to work printing out pictures and gluing them on dozens of boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Top Cookie CEO is my new dream job. Anyway, ever since Charlotte and her mom made the “Momoas,” the boxes are a hot commodity (emphasis on the hot) in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. “The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them,” Charlotte told Denver’s 9News. “The girls will wanna buy some because he’s on the front. And the boys will also wanna buy some because he’s like, he might be like they’re favorite character.”

Here’s a look at the box.


One of the reasons why James Wan’s Aquaman made over one billon dollars at the box office (it’s the highest-grossing DC movie ever) is because women came out in droves to see it. In its first five days of release, “moms turned out in greater numbers than dads, 56 percent to 44 percent, and enjoyed Aquaman more, 91 percent to 85 percent,” according to Deadline. “Women also graded Aquaman with an A- CinemaScore, a number that was equal to men.” Men, women, Girl Scouts — everyone loves Momoa. Especially when he’s shirtless.

Orm is the Ocean Master. Charlotte is the Cookie Overlord.

(Via 9News)