‘Justice League’ Fans Wasted No Time In Begging The New Warner Bros. CEO To Release The Snyder Cut

Warner Bros.

Comic book movies generate boundless excitement, a fact that’s currently being illustrated by the immediate fallout to Warner Bros.’ Monday announcement of a new CEO, Ann Sarnoff, who’s replacing Kevin Tsujihara. Well, Sarnoff has had to hit the ground running. At least, she’s receiving a hefty introductory dose of fandom pressure from folks who decided that her installment might guarantee the release of Justice League‘s fabled Snyder cut. Actually, it’s not quite fabled since Snyder has confirmed that it exists but needs some CGI tweaking, and he previously stated that it’s up to Warner Bros. to unleash that beast.

Well, the Snyder cut would be a hefty beast with a rumored girth of 3:24, which probably includes more Batfleck than even Ben Affleck ever wanted. Kevin Smith previously claimed that not only were suspicions correct in that Snyder’s cut was a darker version but that Snyder’s cut aimed to launch a trilogy that included space shenanigans with the Green Lantern Corps. And much like Snyder’s own recent claim that anyone who believed that Batman wouldn’t kill people is “living in a f*cking dream world,” that same realm is where some DC Comics fans arguably want to be — from the looks of the Twitter responses to Warner Bros.’ Sarnoff news.

“Congratulations Ann! We look forward to your time as Chair & CEO of Warner Bros!” reads the first reply. “We know that you will put artistic integrity and creative freedom at the forefront of your agenda, and we hope that will include the release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut.”

And so on.

That was only the beginning, and Sarnoff certainly has her work cut out for her.