Kevin Smith Confirms The Existence Of The ‘Justice League’ Snyder Cut, But There’s A Catch

Warner Bros.

Last April, Justice League‘s original director, Zack Snyder, confirmed what his fans had long suspected and clamored for: a so-called “Snyder Cut” of the film exists. Despite this fact, as well as the recent turnover at Warner Bros., the Joss Whedon-less version of the failed DC Comics tentpole is all there is. The Snyder Cut won’t be seeing the light of day anytime soon, and according to filmmaker Kevin Smith, that’s not likely to change.

Speaking with the CinemaBlend podcast, Smith confirmed the Snyder Cut’s existence but cautioned Justice League fans who’ve been vying to see it. For starters, most of its contents are unfinished or unrealized special effects:

“I’ve spoken now to enough people at various levels in that production. There is a Snyder cut. For sure. That’s not a mythical beast. It exists. Now, it’s not a finished movie by any stretch of the imagination. There were things that went away from the story that they shot that didn’t wind up going into (visual) effects or anything like that.”

To make matters worse for the fans, they probably won’t get to see Snyder’s original version of the film anytime soon… if at all. “The one I’ve heard everyone speak of was never a finished film,” said Smith. “It was a movie that people in production could watch and fill in the blanks. It was certainly not meant for mass consumption.”

Sorry, everyone!


(Via CinemaBlend)