MGM and Julie Andrews hot on the trail of a new ‘Pink Panther’ movie

The Pink Panther is not just the title of the fabulous diamond in the film series of the same name, it is also a cartoon creation that sprang from that series.  Now, MGM is hot on the trail of a movie based on that cartoon.

The large pink animal first appeared in the opening title sequence to the original 1963 film, “The Pink Panther,” directed by Blake Edwards.  He was such a success, that the creators went on to make theatrical shorts and eventually the panther wound up on television and in the comics.

According to the press release announcing the movie, the new film will be a hybrid of animation and live-action, with David Silverman (“The Simpsons Movie”) directing.  Walter Mirisch, who executive produced the original “Pink Panther” movies will serve as producer here along with Julie Andrews, who was married to the late Edwards.

Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM”s motion picture group had this to say about the endeavor, “We are incredibly proud to re-introduce the Pink Panther to a brand new generation in such a fresh way. Even more exciting is the chance to work again with our dear friends Walter Mirisch and Julie Andrews, as well as the talented David Silverman, whose enthusiasm convinced us to ‘Think Pink!””

Little else is known about the new film at this time, but you can be sure that more than one person this afternoon is humming the Henry Mancini theme.