Due to mass insanity, the Ghostbusters cast is forced to flee Twitter

The trailer for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot has over 60M views, and has stirred up a storm of controversy online.

As we've discussed previously, the scrutiny surrounding this film has been both shockingly intense and vitriolic beginning with the initial announcement — and it's only seemed to increase with each new marketing release.

Louis Virtel and I talk about the stakes if this movie fails in the video below.

The trailer seemed to unleash a rage-filled response from some fans that has all but driven one of the film's stars off social media.

The last Tweet from the superbly talented Leslie Jones can be found below.


Over the last several days, director Paul Feig has taken to social media to defend his film, and primarily his cast from online harassment. What's striking is how entirely blurred the line between criticism and attack has become. We've talked about that quite a bit here, but it bears repeating as we're losing more and more interesting voices in the social media space.

In the video above and below Roth Cornet and Donna Dickens talk about the Ghostbusters uproar and the impact it's having on the cast of the film.

If you want a smile, take a look at the image I reference in the video of Feig and the world's most adorable Ghostbuster here.


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Ghostbusters opens on July 15, 2016