Will Smith Tells Instagram That ‘Bad Boys 3’ Will Start Shooting Monday


If waiting is the hardest part, then the most patient people alive are fans of the Bad Boys movies. No franchise has taken its sweet time between episodes quite like the one that pairs Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as jokey but ultraviolent Miami detectives who almost certainly cause more destruction than they prevent. The first came in 1995. The second didn’t emerge until 2003. Now 16 years have gone by sans a Bad Boy, making what Smith just did on Instagram seem like a cruel tease: He posted a photo of himself and Lawrence, with a caption that states the long-in-the-works third film starts shooting on Monday, January 14. That means fans will still have to wait a full year to see it.

Indeed, the film — called Bad Boys for Life — is slated to come out exactly a year and three days after production begins, i.e., on January 17, 2020. The threequel won’t, like the first two, be directed by the (in)famous Michael Bay. Instead it will be helmed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, up-and-comers from Belgium who are also slated to helm the also forthcoming Beverly Hills Cop 4.

There’s little word on details, other than that Joe Pantoliano will return as their beyond frazzled chief while Gabrielle Union, as Smith’s love interest and Lawrence’s sister in 2, will not. So far most of what we have is the two stars standing in front of a poster for one of the previous installments, with the promise that it will be “KRAZY.”

Perhaps it will find a way to be more shocking than the wildly OTT sequel, which featured a highway chase where the bad guys used dead bodies as weapons, a scene where a rolling Lawrence tried not to get turned on by a buxom corpse (weird!), and a gory climax set at Gitmo, for some reason. How do you top that?

(Via Deadline)