Are Taylor Swift And Phoebe Bridgers On The National’s ‘First Two Pages Of Frankenstein’ Album?

The National have announced their next album, First Two Pages Of Frankenstein, and fans are absolutely buzzing. After there was some early speculation about Taylor Swift and Phoebe Bridgers being on the record, the band seemingly confirmed the rumors with a password-protected website teaser that named both artists — and Sufjan Stevens.

Now, The National’s official tracklist reveal has proven all the theories were correct. Taylor Swift is collaborating with the band once more, this time on a song called “The Alcott.” As for Bridgers, she has two performances on FTPOF, titled “This Isn’t Helping” and “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend.”

“I love the way they do that sort of down-beat, sometimes self-loathing, reflective, ‘cut down to the heart of the matter’ lyricism,” Swift previously told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe (via Far Out) about her love for The National.

While fans might have to wait a little while longer to hear their favorite artists on a new collab, The National offered something to hold listeners over, in the form of the album’s first single, “Tropic Morning News.”

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1. “Once Upon A Poolside” Feat. Sufjan Stevens
2. “Eucalyptus”
3. “New Order T-Shirt”
4. “This Isn’t Helping” Feat. Phoebe Bridgers
5. “Tropic Morning News”
6. “Alien”
7. “The Alcott” Feat. Taylor Swift
8. “Grease In Your Hair”
9. “Ice Machines”
10. “Your Mind Is Not Your Friend” Feat. Phoebe Bridgers
11. “Send For Me”

First Two Pages Of Frankenstein is out 4/28 via 4AD. Pre-order it here.