Phoebe Bridgers Remembers First Texting With Taylor Swift ‘Was Just A Total High’

Since the success of Phoebe Bridgers’ sophomore album Punisher, which contains songs like “Kyoto” and “Garden Song,” many artists have reached out to her to collaborate. Among these artists are Lorde, who featured Bridgers alongside Clairo on the background vocals of Solar Power cut “Stoned At The Nail Salon,” and Taylor Swift, who duetted with Bridgers on the Red vault track “Nothing New (Taylor’s Version)” from Red (Taylor’s Version).

In a recent interview with Billboard, Bridgers recalled the first time Taylor Swift reached out expressing interest in collaborating.

“I got this random text from [The National’s] Aaron Dessner that was really weirdly worded for him. And I was like, “What the f*ck is this?” And as I was reading it, I [realized], “Oh, my God, it’s from Taylor Swift.’ We started texting about all kinds of stuff. It was just a total high. It felt like when you meet someone at a party and you’re in the corner all night being like, ‘Me too!’ I’m excited for when we hang out for the first time. We’ve only been very [COVID-19], online friends.”

Bridgers also revealed that she is currently not working on an album, or planning a tour in support of Punisher. “I’m kind of in like, homey, taking-in-art mode,” Bridgers said. “Like, walking-around, reading-and-listening-to-records mode — which probably means I’m about to make something, but who knows.”

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