Courtney Love Joins The Lemonheads For A Performance Of ‘Into Your Arms’

The Lemonheads played a headlining set at Roundhouse in London last night. During their set, the band was joined by Courtney Love, who performed a cover of the band’s song, “Into Your Arms” with them.

Love and her band, Hole, came to fame around the same time as Lemonheads, and they have remained friends over the course of several decades. Following the performance, Love took to Instagram, sharing a video of her playing “Into Your Arms” on guitar in various situations.

“I have been trying to play guitar again for years & been so uninspired,” she said in the post’s caption. ‘Kate [Moss] came, and manifested it! I had to cut up a debit card to use for picks. We all love [lead vocalist] Evan [Dando]. He’s not got a bad bone in his body . When Kurt brought him home (Kurt pretty much liked Frances, dealers & cats only. So I was surprised to see them stumble in.) They just had such FUN with each other.”

She also revealed that she had a case of pre-show jitters before the performance, and considered taking a drink from a bottle of Jack Daniels she spotted backstage.

“it’s SO much better when you face the terror, walk through it,” Love said. “And do the scary thing clean & sober! It felt great to be up there with him.”

Check out the performance above.