David Bowie’s Full Catalog Will Now Be Available On Peloton With A New Remix By St. Vincent

When we reported earlier this month that the publishing rights to David Bowie’s entire catalog had been sold for upwards of $250 million to Warner Chappell, little did we know how quickly we’d start seeing the results thereof. Now two weeks after the acquisition was announced, Bowie’s entire discography is about to be available on the Peloton exercise equipment app.

Peloton has introduced The David Bowie Collection, which makes every release in Bowie’s catalog, “from deep cuts to his biggest hits,” available for Peloton users to select as the soundtrack to their workouts. There’s also three new remixes from St. Vincent, Honey Dijon, and Tokimonsta (who all fancy themselves Peloton users) that are also a part of the Collection. St. Vincent remixes “It’s No Game, Pt 1,” Honey Dijon chose “Let’s Dance,” because she says “it’s a true celebration of music and movement,” while Tokimonsta gives “Golden Years” a spin.

St. Vincent’s Annie Clark shared her thoughts on the collaboration in a statement:

“I chose “It’s No Game (Pt. 1)”, because it has a part 2 on the record, and I figured maybe Bowie wouldn’t mind so much if I made a part 3. I wanted to take Bowie’s throat-shredding vocal take from part 1, and make it front and center. ‘Three steps to heavaaaaaaaaaaaahn…'”

The David Bowie Collection becomes available on the Peloton app starting January 19th and is available for all users.

David Bowie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.