Fontaines DC Wander Through A Surreal Club In The New ‘Skinty Fia’ Video

Fontaines DC are now about a month away from releasing their latest album, Skinty Fia, as that’s set to drop on April 22. Today, the band offers a new video for the album’s title track, a rhythmic post-punk tune. In the video, singer Grian Chatten wanders through a peculiar ballroom lit like a dance club as he stares at the camera and deadpans the lyrics.

Chatten previously told Rolling Stone of the song, “‘Skinty Fia’ is an expression that our drummer’s great auntie used to say. She was an Irish-speaking person, like strictly Irish-speaking, exclusively Irish-speaking person. She used to say that as kind of like a colloquialism. I never heard it before Tom [Coll] said it to me recently, but it was a substitute for a swear word, basically. If she drops something, she’d say, ‘Ah, skinty fia.’ It roughly translates as ‘the damnation of the deer.’ I don’t know, it sounds like mutation and doom and inevitability and all these things that I felt were congruous to my idea of Irishness abroad. Like if you go to Boston, that expression of Irishness. That’s skinty fia to me. That’s that mutation. That’s a new thing. It’s not unlicensed and it’s not impure. Just because it’s diaspora, it’s still pure. It’s just a completely new beast.”

Watch the “Skinty Fia” video above.

Skinty Fia is out 4/22 via Partisan. Pre-order it here.