Hovvdy Announce The ‘Billboard For My Feelings’ EP, Which Continues The Story Of ‘True Love’

Continuing the story of their 2021 breakthrough album, True Love, Austin duo Hovvdy have announced a new EP called Billboard For My Feelings. Their upcoming EP consists of four songs written during the True Love sessions, most of which are composed of synth- and acoustic guitar-driven pop melodies.

“I allowed myself to focus more on how everything feels, and a little less about telling a complex story,” said Hovvdy member Charlie Martin in a statement. “Both are super valuable — how a melody or texture makes you feel, versus how a super-emotional piece of songwriting impacts you.”

“We got to have more fun; we got to cut back,” added Hovvdy member Will Taylor. “I’m realizing there are many forms Hovvdy can return to, and this EP is a different form.”

Ahead of Billboard For My Feelings, Hovvdy has shared a video for “Hide,” a song that Taylor says is “a lighthearted song about learning when to let your thoughts run wild and when to batten them up.” The song’s video is a kaleidoscopic montage of found footage of blooming flowers, butterfly wings, and ocean creatures.

Check out “Hide” above and the Billboard For My Feelings cover art and tracklist below.

Cover Art Hovvdy Billboard For My Feelings
Bradley Pinkerton

1. “Ruby”
2. “Hide”
3. “Everything”
4. “Town”

Billboard For My Feelings is out 5/27 via Grand Jury.