Hovvdy Share A Pair Of Gentle New Tracks, ‘Junior Day League’ And ‘Around Again’

Austin lo-fi heroes Hovvdy have shared a pair of new singles today, “Junior Day League” and “Around Again,” both of which come with music videos directed by Hayden Hubner and Adam Alonzo, respectively. Both tracks are set to appear on the duo’s forthcoming fourth album, True Love, which arrives October 1 via Grand Jury. “‘Around Again’ lyrically shifts between big reflections and small memories,” said Hovvdy’s Will Taylor. “The simplicity of the music and words really helped define this song for me. I’m thankful to have had help from Charlie and Andrew expanding and finishing it,”

Taylor also opened up about the mellow, late-summer jam “Junior Day League,” noting how it’s “about being in a daze on a fast day in a new town. Falling enamored with the people you’re with and the setting you’re in. Letting things move around you, rather than trying to control them.”

Opening up about the album’s title track, “True Love,” Taylor said last month, “It’s about resiliency and appreciating the little moments, even when the big picture can be daunting. I’m proud of how we let the songs and the feeling of the record do the work for us. Even in somber moments, the joy behind the music is noticeable, and that’s what makes it special to me.”

Watch the videos for “Junior Day League” and “Around Again” above. True Love arrives on 10/1 via Grand Jury. Pre-order it here.