Indiecast Reviews New Albums By M83 and 100 Gecs

In this week’s episode, Ian and I review new albums by M83 (which we like) and 100 Gecs (which we are mixed on but are intrigued about). But before that, we delve into the week’s biggest controversy: That tweet from a political writer about how The White Stripes would have been better with a more technically proficient drummer.

Now, this is obviously a bad take. But why do we get so upset about bad takes stated by random people we don’t know or care about? This is the mystery of social media — how does it warp our brains and goad us into arguing with ghosts? Perhaps this why the goddess Meg White has disappeared from this world in the first place, and is now enjoying a quiet life in retirement.

Later in the episode we take a deep dive into our mailbag to address questions about other important issues, including: Will Sufjan Stevens’ Illinois will work as a musical? What are the best ’90s rap skits? And why is it so hard to make a good music biopic?

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