Jack White, Who’s Had Issues With Elon Musk Lately, Is Auctioning Off His Tesla

Elon Musk hasn’t exactly been the most endearing businessman in the world in light of some of the head-scratching decisions he’s made since taking over Twitter. Jack White has been a vocal critic, and perhaps in light of his shifting opinion on Musk, he’s auctioning off his Tesla. (It could also just be because it’s a ten-year-old car and White wants it gone.)

The car is being auctioned as part of the Third Man Garage Sale through his Third Man Records label. The auction is ongoing now and as an announcement post notes, “Notable inclusions are the White Stripes-era Framus acoustic guitar that was used in the ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’ music video, Jack’s blue Ernie Ball St. Vincent guitar used on the Boarding House Reach tour, Third Man’s cheese-shaped vintage CitiCar used to deliver the World’s Fastest Record, gear from the Third Man Studio, props from the Consolers of the Lonely album shoot, Jack’s personal Tesla, among other vintage odds n’ ends and mechanical wonders.”

The auction notes for the car (a 2013 Tesla Model S Performance) from Third Man Records Archivist Ben Blackwell read:

“Whoa daddy. Ain’t no joke here, what you’re bidding on is Jack White’s personal Tesla model S. He called this car ‘The Green Machine.’ Thought to be the first model S in the state of Tennessee, this car long-served as White’s daily driver. The sound system figured prominently in the mixing of the Raconteurs’ 2019 album “Help Us Stranger” as shown in the attached video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uTRNvDtVak as well as most other music White worked on during the roughly nine year period in which he used the vehicle. Original owner. Calming kelly green paint job. Pretty comfortable seats. Leather interior. Batsh*t crazy fast pedal-to-the-metal speed. No CD player. Does not come with Autopilot capabilities, because that sh*t is crazy dangerous. A respectable vehicle, classy and environmentally conscious. The right choice.”

Check out all the auction items here.