Liam Gallagher Has A Message For The ‘Jealous Ugly F*cks’ Criticizing Nepo Babies

After the nepo baby discourse has died down somewhat, it seems Liam Gallagher is finally offering his thoughts about it all. And, in typical fashion, he did not hold back one bit.

“All this snizzle about famous folks kids out earning a crust least they’re not out mugging old people zip it ya jealous ugly f*cks LG x,” he tweeted today (February 21).

The Oasis musician has two sons, Lennon and Gene, and two daughters, Molly and Gemma. Gene has performed as a drummer with his father during last summer’s Etihad Stadium show in Manchester. A few days earlier, Liam confirmed that he will be joining him again for this summer’s shows.

His mother, Nicole Appleton, posted a photo of Gene behind the kit at the time, captioning, “My boy!! Soo proud!!.”

Both of Liam’s sons also recently appeared at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week. Gene was seated in the front row while Lennon walked the runway. (Iris Law, Jude Law’s daughter, was also among the famous models in the fashion show.) This might have been why Liam chose to weigh in now.

“Lennon smashed the Burberry show. What did you think? Is he cooler than you yet?” one fan asked.

“He is at the moment as I’m mash up but I’ll be back saucier than ever,” Liam replied, leaving things optimistic.