Matty Healy Received A Tattoo On Stage At The 1975’s Latest Tour Stop

The 1975‘s At Their Very Best tour has been making several headlines in recent weeks. At one of the tour’s earliest stops, the band’s leading vocalist Matty Healy ate raw meat on stage. At several stops, Healy has pulled fans from the audience, making out during performances of their song, “Robbers.”

Last night, during the tour’s stop in Newport, Kentucky, Healy received a tattoo on stage.

In a fan-shared video, Healy is seen laying onstage, as a tattoo artist tats him on the chest, with a message reading “I’m a man.” After receiving the tattoo, he then takes a drink from a bottle.

In a recent interview with Variety, the band and their collaborators discussed the buzzy tour, as well as Healy’s antics. The band’s conceptual designer, Tobias Rylander broke down how they came up with the home-like concept for At Their Very Best and how they distanced themselves from their “Tumblr” aesthetic.

“Matthew is a brilliant entertainer, and he’s very welcoming into his house,” said Rylander. “But I don’t think that you could put him on a stage without him actually taking the opportunity to comment on the world that’s going on outside of the venue walls. It’s not all escapism, even if it seems that way.”

Check out a clip of Healy’s tattoo session above.