The 1975’s Matty Healy Ate A Slab Of Raw Meat While Shirtless And On His Knees For His Latest Onstage Act

The 1975 continued their At Their Very Best tour with a massive show at NYC’s Madison Square Garden last night. However, in the days leading up to the show, lead singer Matty Healy had been making waves online for his… interesting onstage behavior. Healy had put on an oxygen mask and performed what we can only describe as a strange, sexually-charged moment that had fans torn. Is this allowed? The following night, he performed push-ups shirtless in front of a video of controversial figure Andrew Tate.

Given the viral moments, fans were wondering what exactly Healy would incorporate into their MSG show. The answer? All of the above… and even more. While Healy’s oxygen scene (or, “performance art” as he called it) wasn’t as intense as past shows, he did go full method for the push-ups. The concert, which was streamed on Twitch, saw a stagehand bring Healy what appears to be a giant piece of raw meat — which he proceeded to eat.

Then, the fitness began. Healy performed push-ups in front of a television montage of former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, Mark Zuckerberg, Bored Ape NFTs, and… Rey from the recent Star Wars trilogy. While it was intended as some sort of social commentary on masculinity and society, many were at least partially disturbed by Healy’s meat moment.

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