The War On Drugs Get An Assist From Lucius While Performing ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’ On ‘Ellen’

I Don’t Live Here Anymore was one of 2021’s big musical highlights, and now The War On Drugs have brought their latest album into 2022 by performing its title track on Ellen today, alongside Lucius, who also feature on the album version.

Adam Granduciel previously told Apple Music of the song, “I’ll be the first to say it has that ‘80s thing going, but we kind of pushed it in that way. At one point [producer Shawn Everett] and I ran everything on the song — drums, the girls, bass, everything — through a JC-120 Roland amplifier, which is like the sound of the ’80s, essentially. I saw it just sitting there at Sound City [Studios in Los Angeles]. We spent like a day doing that, and it just gave it this sound that was a familiar heartbeat or something. It sounds huge but it also felt real — in my mind it was basically just a bedroom recording, because everything was done in my tiny little room, directly into my computer.”

Meanwhile, the band also unveiled a new episode of The Super High Quality Podcast today, the first one of its second season. Press materials note of the new slew of episodes, “This second season presents a four-part audio documentary that tells the story of the players, studios, engineers, songcraft, and happy accidents that define the ten songs on I Don’t Live Here Anymore. Told through casual conversations with band members and their collaborators, and featuring unreleased recordings, guitar tech Dominic East tracks the album’s progress from the earliest demo sessions in 2018, through the final full-band recording sessions in 2019, and finally inside the summer 2021 rehearsals that marked the band member’s reunion after 18 months apart.”

Watch The War On Drugs and Lucius perform “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” above and listen to the new The Super High Quality Podcast episode below.

The War On Drugs is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.