Amazon Is Making Moves That Could Lead To Chipotle And Five Guys Delivery

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Amazon is slowly but surely working to have its fingers in just about every part of your purchasing life, acquiring Whole Foods earlier this year, now locking-in a key partnership with Olo, a meal delivery service and digital infrastructure which provides hundreds of restaurants with a system that makes taking and fulfilling delivery orders simple. According to Bloomberg, the partnership between the monolithic online (and increasingly brick and mortar) retailer, and Olo will jumpstart the fledgling Amazon Restaurants delivery system. Olo brandishes over 200 restaurants and 40,000 locations across the United States that uses its software.

So far, Amazon Restaurants doesn’t have many big-name eateries to offer up food, but eventually, thanks to Olo, they could have Chipotle, Five Guys, Jamba Juice and many, many others delivering meals straight to your doorstep. Even Cold Stone Creamery, which sounds incredibly decadent and wonderful. Superior ice cream, handed to you with a smile so there’s no stressful navigation as you drive home, eyeing the dripping cone or increasingly mushy cup full of cream.

The prospect of gourmet delivered ice cream is only made better by the inevitable Amazon Echo integration. Who needs menus and interfaces? “Alexa, bring me mint chocolate chip ice cream” is a very real thing that can happen. The future is here.

The news of this partnership has already caused GrubHub’s stock to fall by seven percent.

(Via Bloomberg/Engadget)