These Gift Ideas From The ‘Most Wished For’ List On Amazon Will Probably Save Christmas

If you still haven’t purchased presents for the people in your life, you are running out of time to do it online. And, with Free Shipping Friday coming up, you really should make some choices and commit to purchasing while you can save, save, save. Ain’t nobody got money to burn in 2017. Okay, some people do, but I think most of us dislike them.

You may not know it, but Amazon has a feature that allows you to peep the items that occur most often on people’s wishlists, and we think that’s a great starting point for the undecided. We know. We know. Everyone says not to give in to peer pressure, so the idea of buying gifts because everyone wants one is kinda offputting. But, let’s be real, often when lots of people want something, it’s because the thing is hella cool.

The following list contains ten items that everybody wants. You are sure to find something in this gift guide that will score you some points.

Twin Peaks Inspired Key Tags: #1 in Entertainment Collectibles

In an era of the key card, one would guess that this style of hotel key tag would baffle young people, but that’s clearly not the case. Wishlists are afire with this old school collectible. And, it’s not just the Twin Peaks one that people are clamoring for. The top wishlisted items also include tags for The Overlook Hotel, The Dragonfly Inn, and Shady Pines. Certainly, the people in your life must fall into one of those fandoms.

You can get the key to a perfect holiday for $8.99.

Non-electric Compact Washing Machine #10 in Appliances

If you live in an apartment or a house without a washing machine, you fantasize about having clean jeans without having to schlep to the bank for quarters and negotiate the stupid laundromat. Even if you have a set-up in your apartment complex, you still have to find a free machine, and that can be impossible during busy periods, especially if you have limited washers. Fun fact: before my apartment put a lock on the door of the laundry room, someone literally stole a washer. Just pulled a truck up, unplugged it, and took off. Sadly, you still have to figure out drying, but a clothesline in the living room isn’t that big of a deal.

For $42.88 you can clean up on Christmas.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker #5 in Amazon Launchpad

I want to dedicate this entry to our own Zach Johnston, the Sous Vide Sovereign. If you have watched our writers face off, you know that Zach sous vides like no other cooking method exists, Steve loves herbs, and Vince mocks both of them mercilessly for these choices. Well, it looks like Zach is not the cheese that stands alone because everyone wants to get in on this form of food prep. And, if you are buying for a vegetarian (like me), Zach says you can still make solid noms by throwing mushrooms, butter, and herbs in it.

Make Zach proud for $99.00.

Exploding Kittens #1 in Amazon Launchpad and Amazon Launchpad Toys

This game was literally the most backed Kickstarter campaign ever, so its prominence on Amazon wishlists isn’t much of a surprise. And, as it suits players seven and up, takes two minutes to learn, and takes 15 minutes to play, it’s a hell of a lot more accessible than boardgames without kittens and booms. Essentially, it’s Russian Roulette with cards thrown down until someone gets the exploding kitten and is out of the game … unless they have a card that lets them mitigate the danger. Simple. And, board games are great gifts because it gives you something to do after opening presents other than getting drunk and grumbling about forced family time.

Getting the perfect present for $19.99 is no game.

Smart Notebook #2 in Amazon Launchpad House

For most people, notebooks are only as smart as the ideas jotted inside them. But, now, there are ones that allow you to write, scan, and erase the pages. The pages are made from polyester instead of wood and you can use any pen from the Pilot FriXion line. Everything you put on the page stays put until you add water and erase. Plus there are little symbols on the bottom of the page that tell the associated app where you want your data uploaded, so it goes straight to your email or Slack or another one of the many other participating platforms.

Take note of this suggestion, and pick one up for $32.00.

uKeg #7 in Amazon Launchpad House

If you ever imagined what it would be like for a growler and a keg to have a baby, you are a little bit of a freak, but you are also obviously a beer lover. If you are buying prezzies for other beer aficionados and you have the cash to throw down, there may not be a better gift. The uKeg is made of double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel, and it’s durable as all get out, so it’s great for home use, but also for travel. It also features a CO2 regulator cap with a customizable tap handle, which makes it a little steampunk. It’s a genuinely gorgeous little contraption.

Help your loved ones get buzzed for $199.00.

Rapid Egg Cooker #4 in Amazon Launchpad House

No. I don’t know why people need an egg cooker. I feel like my egg cooker (a pan) is sufficient, but I also don’t make eggs that much and I probably screw them up when I cook them. Who knows? If someone in your life likes eggs and wants to make them as easily as possible, this is the perfect gift. Provided they have access to eggs, water, and an outlet, they can quickly prepare hard, soft, and medium boileds, poacheds, scrambleds, and omelettes. This would be bomb for dorm dwellers or people who are fresh out of the nest and still learning to negotiate the kitchen.

Honestly, $15.98 is an eggelant deal.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars #5 in Men’s Fashion

These are the classic shoe that every cool kid has owned at some point. If you are looking at the picture and failing to understand the appeal of the black pair, know that Amazon offers them in 88 colors. Eighty. Eight. Included among them is “eggplant pee,” which is puzzling from a marketing standpoint, but quite visually appealing (it’s just deep purple). If you are cool with buying a person shoes, you really couldn’t pick a more universally enjoyed option for men and women of any age. Doi. That’s why everyone is wishing for a pair.

Grab a pair of these and you are a shoe-in for present of the year (prices vary).

Ring Light #11 in Camera and Photo Accessories

No one is taking selfies and thinking, “Gee, I hope I look like a bog troll.” Nor, are they looking forward to running about their home and yard looking for the perfect patch of natural light to give them some glow up. A ring light fixes both of these issues by providing consistent, flattering light. And, this one is sweet because it works with most phones and tablets and doesn’t require any batteries. It’s all USB powered, baby. Anyone hitting social media and the Gram in an effort to project themselves as an attractive person would appreciate this ring light and what it adds to their pics.

Light up a loved one’s life for $15.99.

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality #1 in Wearable Technology

Yes, you do technically wear the VR headset, but I don’t know why this is classified as wearable tech exactly. It’s not like you are rolling through your day with this strapped to your face. But, that quibble aside, this is the coolest thing on the list. There is not a single gaming enthusiast who isn’t desperate to spend most of their free time virtually completing tasks. Plus, this gives you an activity to do with them. they can play games and you can record them freaking out and falling over for your YouTube followers. Win-win.

You can buy a lot of love for $599.99.