Anthony Bourdain Cooked Thanksgiving Dinner During A ‘Meeting Of The Minds’ Between Asia Argento And Rose McGowan

Of the many women who have come forward to bring attention to decades of alleged sexual assault by Hollywood uber-producer Harvey Weinstein, Rose McGowan, Annabella Sciorra, and Asia Argento are some of the most outspoken and brave. The last few months have produced reports from the trio of ladies that paint a picture of systematic and overwhelming misconduct by Weinstein, now Argento’s boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain wants to help how he can. Even if it means simply cooking a meal and being there to listen, or push back against Quentin Tarantino’s comments on the situation.

In a Twitter post featuring McGowan and Argento (the latter will appear on this week’s Parts Unknown with Bourdain in her native Italy), the celebrity chef and host wrote: “It was an honor to cook for this meeting of the minds.” On Instagram, McGowan posted the same picture and tagged New Yorker writer Ronan Farrow, who was behind many pieces exposing Weinstein’s actions earlier this year.

For his part, Farrow posted a picture of an interview from last year with a woman that looks to be Rose McGowan from behind in what could be considered a dig at NBC for not running the footage.

As Farrow points out: “When I sat down for this interview almost a year ago, the world was a different place.” Perhaps this meeting of the minds will produce an even greater change in the year to come.