Anthony Bourdain Has Entered The Harvey Weinstein Fray And He Brought His Knives

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The New York Times broke the story of Harvey Weinstein‘s abusive, lecherous behavior towards ingénues and assistants nearly a week ago, and every day following its publication has welcomed fresh celebs, victims, and deniers into the discussion. Once voice not to be overlooked is Anthony Bourdain’s. Always one to err on the side of blunt honesty, Bourdain is currently keeping it real — like real real — on Twitter.

On October 6th, he made his first Twitter reference to Weinstein, posting a link to an article on The Daily Beast and attacking Hollywood for enabling the mogul’s continued abuse. When comments made it clear that followers didn’t understand who he was referencing in his initial tweet he broke it down, writing “And to be clear: I’m talking about all the people who knew and said nothing -and those who are STILL staying silent. NOT his victims.”

No. When it comes to the victims, he has been nothing but supportive, admonishing others for failing to do the same.

It stands to reason that Bourdain would stand vocally behind the women abused by Weinstein; he’s the boyfriend of one of them. Bourdain has been linked Asia Argento, Italian film actress and daughter of horror film luminary Dario Argento, since earlier this year. In a scathing expose for The New Yorker, Ronan Farrow shared an interview he did with Argento about her experience with Weinstein, who performed non-consensual oral sex on her, or as we (and Anthony Bourdain) call it: Rape.

But, whereas, some might expect Bourdain to concentrate primarily on supporting his partner and the many other women victimized, people who watch his shows have been gratified to see him instead go in on those who allowed the victimization to occur. Among those who get a pleasing stream of the old rancid from Bourdain are lawyer Lisa Bloom, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, the former Italian head of Miramax Fabrizio Lombardo, and fashion designer Donna Karan. All of them have been linked to behaviors that covered up or excused away Weinstein’s predatory behavior. (Though the Damon and Crowe situations are heavily disputed.)

There’s no doubt that this story will continue unfolding, and we hope Anthony Bourdain keeps tweeting and calling for people to be held accountable for their complicity. Making a guess, Ben Affleck is probably next to get 140 characters of what the chef is serving.