The Latest Internet Food Craze Is As Pretty As It Is Completely Impractical

The avocado may be the healthiest of all fruits (yep, it’s a fruit), but that doesn’t make it the most popular. In fact, it’s up there with cilantro and coconut as one of the most polarizing edibles — which is inexplicable because perfect guacamole is the food equivalent of being at the bottom of a puppy pile. Lately, the avocado has been approaching a popularity zenith (peak Guac!), thanks in part to food stylist Colette Dike of Amsterdam and her internet-beloved invention: the avocado bun.

Dike explained to Mashable, “I like to create ‘fresh take’ ideas on classics.” She added, “I love to think of new cutting techniques … especially using avocado, since it’s so photogenic and, of course, yummy.” And, boy does this lady love avocado. Her Instagram is a fervent testament to her enduring love for the tasty fruit.

Seriously, why doesn’t she marry them?

Sandwiching a burger between two avocado halves is certainly gorgeous, but it’s a futile exercise in form over function. When the creator of a burger suggests you eat it with a knife and fork, you have begun the descent into food anarchy. There are foods — tacos, sandwiches, pasties — that are designed to be clutched in hungry hands, just like fried chicken.

Pictured surrounding a cheeseburger, a breakfast burger, and a vegan chickpea burger, the sesame topped avocado bun has both incensed and fascinated the internet. There’s a camp of adventurous eaters ready to get their hands messy, a skeptical group who respond violently to the very suggestion, and vocal health nuts who think the vegan burger is the solution to all their problems.

Their weird tweets say, “This Avocado ‘Sandwich’ Bun Is Every Vegan’s Dream — Cheese Burger on an Avocado Bun.” Um…maybe we misunderstand veganism, but the bun wasn’t what people objected to, right? Wasn’t it all the ground up cow slathered with cheese?

But, most people are overlooking the real issue: baby corn. The vegan burger features charred baby corn atop the tasty patty. Baby. Corn.