The Latest Internet Food Craze Is As Pretty As It Is Completely Impractical

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08.02.16 2 Comments

The avocado may be the healthiest of all fruits (yep, it’s a fruit), but that doesn’t make it the most popular. In fact, it’s up there with cilantro and coconut as one of the most polarizing edibles — which is inexplicable because perfect guacamole is the food equivalent of being at the bottom of a puppy pile. Lately, the avocado has been approaching a popularity zenith (peak Guac!), thanks in part to food stylist Colette Dike of Amsterdam and her internet-beloved invention: the avocado bun.

Dike explained to Mashable, “I like to create ‘fresh take’ ideas on classics.” She added, “I love to think of new cutting techniques … especially using avocado, since it’s so photogenic and, of course, yummy.” And, boy does this lady love avocado. Her Instagram is a fervent testament to her enduring love for the tasty fruit.

Seriously, why doesn’t she marry them?

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