Bagel Holes Are The (Surprising) New Food Trend Of Summer

When it comes to food, we love to try old favorites in new ways. Bagels are an American staple which hail from Poland and were brought over by Jewish immigrants arriving on the East Coast. Since their introduction, they’ve spread across the country and world as a doughy delivery system to every food imaginable. Then, a couple very inventive restaurateurs found a new way for us to enjoy the bagel by flipping the script and giving the world Bagel Balls. (No, that is not a disease.)

The bagel-ball renaissance began when the good people at Bantam Bagels took their idea of making little balls of bagel dough stuffed and topped with sweet and savory delights to Shark Tank. They won an investor, expanded their business, and now their balls are in Starbucks and on Delta flights.

A year later, bagel balls are popping up at other locations around the country. Most recently, B-Holes Bakery opened up in Washington, D.C., allowing all those dwelling in the District to enjoy the bagel innovations without having to go to a Starbucks or step foot on an airplane. The owners of B-Holes Bakery even came up with a catchy slogan, “Don’t be an A-HOLE. Try a B-HOLE.” Nailed it.

The baker’s imagination seems to be the only limit as to which toppings or stuffings each b-hole gets. You can get your b-holes topped with cinnamon toast crunch, stuffed with garlic bacon, or even topped with colorful sprinkles. These are truly wonderful times to be eating B-holes.

(Via The Washingtonian)