New Yorkers Are Freaking Out Over This Rainbow Bagel, And You Will, Too

Finally, a breakfast food to put in your Lisa Frank lunchbox.

Scot Rossillo has been making rainbow bagels at his Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for 20 years now, but the demand has mostly remained local, with lines regularly stretching out the door. Now, thanks to a viral video from INSIDER food, his multi-colored creation has gone worldwide.

It’s easy to see why, emphasis on the “see.”

Yup, that’s Funfetti cream cheese, which is twice as fun as normal cream cheese. It’s like eating a Grateful Dead poster. According to Business Insider, “The process of making Rainbow Bagels is so precise that [Rossillo] can only make 100 bagels every five hours. For comparison, he tells me that 5,000 ordinary bagels can be cranked out in the same amount of time.” Not that there’s anything ordinary about a store that also serves cannoli cream cheese.

The bagels cost $3.95 and can be ordered online. Assuming you can see the website. Lengthy visual exposure to rainbow bagels is the number-one cause of blindness. Delicious, delicious blindness.

(Via Business Insider)