Peach Donuts Are Here And People Are Scrambling To Get Them

People will travel a long way for some good food. Doughnuts are no exception. Glendora, California, is a sleepy little town of 50,000 people nestled against the San Gabriel Mountains but if you visit you’ll find an assuming little doughnut shop that seems all too familiar in the greater Los Angeles County area. Inside the brown cinderblock walls, however, are treats that tempt the public into a deep-fried sugar high like no other.

This is the home of The Donut Man. Every year when the season is just right, The Donut Man makes a spectacularly decadent glazed donut stuffed with succulently ripe peaches.

The Donut Man is known as a place to get super high-quality donuts with seasonally ripe fruit stuffings. Their strawberry version is also a huge hit. Unfortunately for some, The Donut Man doesn’t sacrifice flavor for quantity. When the peaches are out of season and stock, that’s it, folks, no more until next year. For thousands of L.A. residents, it’s a must to head out to Glendora every now and then just for The Donut Man’s tasty Tiger Tails and Boston Cremes. During the height of the ripe fruit season, it’s a rite of passage to eat at least one donut overflowing with delectable peaches and/or strawberries.

In case you still need convincing, here are some shots to whet the ol’ appetite:

(Via Instagram)