Bartenders Tell Us The Smoothest Pick Up Lines They’ve Ever Heard

You might think bartenders just stand behind the bar and mix up your favorite cocktail or pour your beer, unaware of all the conversations going on around them. But, if a bar isn’t overflowing with people, the bartender might actually be able to hear a little of your conversation. Imagine that. You’re spouting off on some political tangent and someone can actually hear you.

Bartenders aren’t nosy and they usually have more important things to do than listen to your story about hitting a grand slam to win a beer league softball game, but, if they;ve noticed that you’re hitting on a fellow customer, they might just lean in and take it in. Over the years, they hear a lot of pick-up lines. Some are great. Others…not so much. But, these are some of the best lines bartenders have ever heard.

Morgan Zuch, corporate beverage director at Datz in Tampa, Florida

“Most recently, a friend told me a guy asked her if she knew which way to go to buy her a drink. I thought this was funny and also smooth since most girls wouldn’t pass on a drink.”

Ashley Lugo Brown, beverage manager at Vinateria in Harlem, New York

“One time I heard someone say, ‘Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you a notice that I noticed you too.’ I thought that was pretty clever.”


Jeremy Lake, Bar Manager at Rosaliné in West Hollywood, California

“One of the most clever lines I witnessed was when a happy-go-lucky regular of mine quickly changed his demeanor to depressed and sullen when an attractive woman sat next to him at the bar. He let out a long sigh that caught her attention. When she asked him what was wrong he said, ‘I just wish I wasn’t so sad…’ She took the bait, asking him all about his trouble and they talked for the rest of the night!”

Matthew Horsley, director of food & beverage at backYARD at Waller Creek in Austin, Texas

“‘What’s your view of an overweight penguin? I just think it would break the ice…’ 100% success rate, may I add.”

Sarah Mengoni, lead bartender at Double Take in Los Angeles, California