The Best North American Airlines, According To Travelers

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Air travel has never been better. Better planes, lower ticket prices, and customized customer services (think TSA Pre-Check) has led to a sort of golden age of air travel. That’s not to say bad experiences don’t occur; we all remember the fiascos and abuses of power. But when nearly three million Americans fly daily, mishaps and mistakes are going to happen. Still, the overall experience of flying somewhere is leaps and bounds better than even ten years ago, according to reports from the people actually flying.

This year seems to be a banner year for customer satisfaction in air travel. J.D. Power just released their annual report which asks travelers about their experience in the air and to rank their favorite airlines, both budget and non-budget carriers. Per their report, their goal is to measure the “entire air travel experience, from reservation to baggage retrieval, based on a recent flight experience.” Flyers then ranked the airlines by “among the best,” “better than average,” “about average,” and “the rest.” That last one, ouch, J.D. Power.

The report shook out the five best airlines in both budget and non-budget categories. We decided to break down the best airlines in North American for you. Well, really these are the best airlines in the U.S. with one Canadian entry popping up in both categories. Hopefully, knowing which airline is killing the game right now will help you make a better travel decision the next time you fly.


5. United

United lost out this year. The carrier ranked among “the rest.” Translation: nowhere near the best. United has been plagued with severe customer support issues in the past couple of years so this probably isn’t a surprise to most travelers who are paying attention. Still, the airline gets you where you need to go in relative comfort.

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