The Complete App Toolkit For Your Next Budget Travel Adventure

04.12.18 1 year ago
best apps for budget travel


Travel expands the mind, broadens your palette (and your palate), opens your worldview and, for many, drains your wallet. But travel doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it can often be a more enriching experience to show up with a budget, because it means you look more closely at the places you spend cash, you talk more with the people around you, and step outside the boundaries of a cruise ship or an “all-inclusive” resort.

If you want to get out more out of travel, or just need to keep a close eye on what you’re spending, we’ve gathered a set of apps that will help you pack, travel, eat, and explore while keeping your budget manageable (and helping you manage your budget). Some are about saving money directly, while others allow you to circumvent costs like cabs or forgetting something important.

Next time you’re planning a trip, here’s what to have on your phone:

PART I: Before You Go

The best way to guarantee a good trip is to plan out some of the important bits. Where you go when you get there, where you eat, who you talk to… play all that by ear. What you’re packing? Plan that out.

1. Trail Wallet

Part of traveling on a budget is creating a budget and sticking to it. Trail Wallet is a budgeting app designed for travelers. You can plan out your budget before you go and then enter your expenses. This way, you know exactly what you’re spending and what you have left and can focus on what you’re doing, not how much it’s costing you.

2. Packpoint

To live out of a suitcase, even for just a few days, first that suitcase must contain everything you need to live. Packpoint is an app that asks you where you’re going, why you’re going, and what you’re doing and then generates a packing list, automatically, to get you started. You’ll probably need to customize it depending on your personal needs, but it’s a good start and reminds you of all the little stuff we can so easily forget.

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