The Best Places For Solo, Budget Travel In Your 20s

Life Writer


Visiting certain corners of the world often feels like a rite of passage for the young traveler. These spots have a universal allure that transcends time. They’re well-trod yet still hold a mysticism that cannot be denied. They’re the places you’ve read about again and again, romanticized, and dreamed of seeing for yourself … one day.

Our advice? Don’t wait too long. Sure, saving is important but so is actually. doing. cool. sh*t.

With that aim, we’ve compiled a list of places that every traveler has to hit in their 20s. These are the destinations that scream “Bring me your young, your restless, your reckless, your “single-and-not-ready-to-be-tied-down-because-this-is-a-wild-party-and-it’s-fun-to-flirt-y’know?” Of course, this is a short list of only ten prime destinations. There are literally thousands more. But, let’s face it, our time on this mortal coil is finite and we have to start somewhere.

As an extra wrinkle, we’ve compiled this list specifically to bust the idea that travel is expensive. These are places that are usually cheaper than home. The places where a month of meals out will still cost less than your phone bill back in the states. Some of them may cost a little extra to get to but, now, with budget airlines connecting every continent, it’s cheaper than ever.

So, let these ten spots around the globe entice your wanderlust. They’re perfect for a first solo trip. They’re cheap. And they’re waiting for you.

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