We Asked Brewers To Share Their Absolute Favorite Beach Beers

06.12.19 2 months ago


The beach. Those lovely patches of sand — near our homes, far away, or even just in our imaginations — that we dream about all winter. The ultimate sign that summer is finally here.

There are few hot weather activities better than a day at the beach. Feet in the sand, ice-cold beer in hand, and nothing else planned equals perfection, right? But the beer you bring to the beach is just as important as which sunscreen you buy (that 8-spf isn’t doing shit!).

That’s why we went right to the source and asked some of our favorite brewers to tell us their go-to beers for a day at the beach.

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice

Joe Connolly, director of Springdale Beer

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice tastes like melted orange creamsicles, and I will forever associate it with an image of chasing the ice cream truck at Castle Island in South Boston.

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