The Best Chicken Wing Chains In The Country, Ranked

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02.02.19 35 Comments

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Chicken wings are kinda the best. They’re small delivery systems of savory, sweet, and spicy flavor. Throw some in a deep frier and then toss them in a great sauce … Brilliance. But deep frying food at home is a pain in the ass. Wings are something we tend to go out for. Hence almost every fast casual has an assortment on their menus and even pizza delivery has gotten in the game.

So where can we get the absolute best wings in America? To complete this masterful task we have to take a few things into consideration:

  • First, let’s set aside the classic fried chicken joints — we can’t have Popeye’s winning every chicken-related competition.
  • Next, let’s just focus on the fast food and fast casual wing-heavy places that are mostly nationwide. That way you’ll have a chance to actually try these wing joints.
  • Third, let’s stop talking about it and rank some wings.

10. Domino’s

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When it comes to wings Domino’s > Papa John’s. Where Papa John’s wings get a bit sloppy, Domino’s tend to be crisply fried and simply dressed in hot sauce. There’s not a whole lot going on otherwise. These are the sorta wings you order as an afterthought like, “Sure, fill up a pizza box of wings for me too, YOLO.”

9. Cheesecake Factory

If we’re talking fast casual, The Cheesecake Factory is the mountaintop. Sorry TGI Fridays and Applebees. So long Ruby Tuesday. The Factory (that’s what the restaurant’s acolytes call it, right?) buffalo wings are perfectly suitable as an appetizer. They’re crispy and saucy like any good buffalo wing. And that’s about it. They aren’t mind-blowing or transcendent. They’re just good — if you can find them on The Factory’s (we’re sticking with this one) insanely deep menu.

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