The Best Super Bowl Foods, According To The Masses

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01.31.19 30 Comments

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Super Bowl Sunday is a day for indulgence. The football holiday will see a crazy amount of pizza, chips, and chicken wings gorged on, alongside millions and millions of gallons of beer to wash it all down. The thing is, there are a lot of classic options out there. So knowing what to indulge in on Sunday is hard. Do you go all-in on the pizza or do you save some room for sliders and nachos? Let’s ask the masses!

We popped over to Ranker to find out what the people love to eat on Super Bowl Sunday. Nearly 3,000 folks had an opinion about what you should be devouring during the big game. The top ten that shook out are unarguably stone-cold classics, although a few favorites like tortilla chips and chili only made the top 20. Honestly, chili should be in the top five but we can’t always get what we want.

The low placement of chili aside (madness), there are plenty of great options according to the masses. Let’s dive in and start planning our Super Bowl parties.

10. Sliders

Sliders are very hit or miss. On the one hand, you have a mini hamburger that doesn’t pack as many calories as a full-on burger. So, we guess, you don’t get as full. On the other hand, who eats only one of these? How often do you end up eating, like, four or five sliders, which then ends up being the same amount of food as two full burgers?

Sliders are sneaky is what we’re saying. Also, sliders are not chili.

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