Bartenders Tell Us The One Gin They’d Drink For The Rest Of Their Lives

05.23.19 3 months ago


Gin, the magical spirit seeped in juniper and various other botanicals goes perfectly with summery cocktails. Come at us if you think there’s a better, simpler summer cocktail than the classic Gin & Tonic. You can make the classic version with gin, tonic, and lime. Or you can amp it up like they do in Spain, by adding cucumbers, peppers, herbs, and other ingredients. Now that’s summer in a glass.

Bartenders understand the appeal of gin during this time of year. That’s why we asked them to tell us the one gin they’d drink for the rest of their lives. Like previous pieces, the kicker is that they can only choose one. Forever. ‘Til the end of their days.

Junipero Gin

Junipero Gin

Mitch Barela, bartender at Old Vine Kitchen + Bar in Costa Mesa, California

Gin I can take or leave, but Junipero gin I would never pass up! Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not as juniper-forward as its name may have you believe. Botanical in nature, its crisp citrus aroma allows for a picture perfect gin martini with a twist on a sunny spring afternoon.

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