The Best Expensive Bottles Of Gin For The Smoothest Gin And Juice Ever

Getty Images/Uproxx

Gin is great. The (generally) grain spirit takes on a secondary botanical distillation with herbs, berries, citrus, and florals that makes almost every gin unique. Juniper berries are the through line that unite all gins. From there, it’s on the master distiller to decide what botanical flavors create the sought-after levels of nuance.

Gin, generally, doesn’t need to age. That’s a big advantage in the price department. Aging means barrels and storage time which means more expense. That equates to a higher cost to you. Gin, like vodka, doesn’t really have that issue — although there are specialty gins that are being slightly aged now. Still, the cost of gin is never prohibitive. You’ll rarely pay over $100 for a great bottle and, for us, there’s ample selection in the $40-$80 range.

So, what are the best bottles of expensive gin for your Snoop-inspired gin and juice? We’ve got a selection for you below. This is a pretty wide-swath of gins that are Britain-centric with a few locals, Japanese, and European classics thrown in.