The New Summer Ice Cream Flavors You Should Make Freezer Space For

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07.17.17 12 Comments

We know ice cream around these parts. We rank it, we re-rank it, we list it, we locate it, and we hunt down deals for it. We even recognize its many eclectic flavors in a blind taste test, and when summer rolls around, we celebrate our favorite sweet treat early and often.

Today, we’re looking at new ice cream flavors you can find on store shelves (or have shipped online) that will help make your Summer of ’17 the best summer ever.

Peanut Butter Fudge — Talenti

Do you remember when you first discovered Baskin & Robbin’s “Peanut Butter Cup” flavor? There were three questions that immediately came to mind:

  1. Why has the universe kept this deliciousness from me?
  2. Why doesn’t real peanut butter taste this good?
  3. Why isn’t there a flavor where the peanut butter to chocolate ratio is reversed?

This new dairy-free sorbetto from Talenti seems like a direct effort to answer question #3. It’s peanut butter ice cream that tastes just like the peanut butter ribbons from B & R, except that the peanut butter is running the show. It’s the pinnacle of childhood wish fulfilment, and it’s spectacular.

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