Here’s Where To Get Free Food On National Ice Cream Day [Updating]

07.16.17 7 months ago


In the dessert hierarchy, it’s hard to top ice cream. The creamy, cold, sweet treat is fully customizable to fit anyone’s unique flavor specifications. You can go basic and have a scoop of vanilla or chocolate. Or you can jazz it up with some sprinkles, chopped nuts, caramel sauce, and whipped cream, all topped off with a maraschino cherry. There’s also a whole universe of flavors (thanks in part to Ben & Jerry) from Rocky Road, To Chubby Hubby, to salted caramel, to a McFlurry that looks like the swirled corpse of Pikachu. Besides popsicles, ice cream is potentially the best dessert for summertime enjoyment. It’s frosty, sweet, and the perfect end to a long day in the sun. It’s so great, it deserves it’s own holiday — which, lucky for you, is today (did you see that coming?).

Today, July 16, is National Ice Cream Day and there are deals to be had. A handful of places are even giving away free ice cream. Now that’s the kind of holiday we love to celebrate.

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