Famous Chefs Tell Us Where To Find The Best Ice Cream In The Country

07.16.17 2 years ago 6 Comments

Sure, ice cream is a summertime staple — from the Pavlovian thrill of hearing the ice cream truck’s lilting song, to the pleasure of catching rivulets of melting ice cream on your tongue as they wind their way down the side of the cone. But, let’s get real: Ice cream is perfect year-round, daily even. In fact, if you aren’t eating ice cream right now, you are making a mistake that will resonate for generations to come. Even our president knows what’s up when it comes to the rich treat; the man may face a lot of criticism, but there isn’t a single person who said he was wrong for demanding twice the ice cream serving given to everyone else.

To find out where some of the best ice cream in the world is made and sold, we asked some renowned culinary pros. You might expect to find yourself in a world of Jack Rabbit Slims five dollar milkshakes and unconventional flavors, but most of our chefs went with the classics. When it comes to something as deeply satisfying as ice cream, it doesn’t need to be monkeyed with to be the best.

Try reading through the answers below without deciding that “RIGHT NOW” is the perfect time for a cone or a scoop. You have our complete support if you decide to go full sundae.

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