Check Out The Winning Photos From This Year’s Unsplash Awards

User-generated stock photography platform Unsplash has just unveiled the winners of their fourth annual Unsplash Awards. The Unsplash Awards are a celebration of the open photography movement and give aspiring photographers a space to flex their skills for a large audience while vying to impress a group of judges made up of editors, designers, and creative directors from places like Vogue, GQ, Nike, and Polaroid.

Since October, Unsplash has been receiving photos from all around the world across 10 categories from architecture to current events to experimental shoots, including a final category judged by a super panel of 10 judges to find the year’s most impactful photo. Now the winners have officially been announced and it’s time to give the first place finishers their flowers.

This year’s most impactful photo was shot by Patrick Perkins, who captured the surreal Blade Runner-esque landscapes of San Francisco during California’s summer wildfires. Perkin’s blood-red California sky truly embodies this unprecedented year we’ve been living through.

Check out the #1 photo along with the 10 other category-based winners below.

Current Events: Nengi Nelson — Lagos, Nigeria, Canon EOS M50

Nengi Nelson

Street Photography: Benjamin Super — Chicago, IL, Sony ILCE-7RM2

Benjamin Suter

Experimental: Dynamic Wang — Beijing China

Dynamic Wang

Fashion: Raphael Lovaski — Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, Canon EOS REBEL T7i

Raphael Lovaski

Architecture: Daniel Olah — Hungary, Nikon D800

Daniel Olah

Health & Wellness: Leo Manjarrez — Mexico City, Mexico, Canon EOS 70D

Leo Manjarrez

Film: Jean Carlo Emer — Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jean Carlo Emer

Nature: Tommy Boudreau — Boston, MA, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Tommy Boudreau

Interiors: Italic — Earth


People: Megan Bagshaw — Derby, UK, Canon EOS 800D

Megan Bagshaw

Community Photo of the Year: Patrick Perkins — San Francisco, CA, Nikon D3400

Patrick Perkins