The Best True Crime Documentaries On Netflix Right Now

best true crime documentaries on netflix

Last Updated: August 23rd

In case you were somehow unaware:

  • The world isn’t just made up of good guys and bad guys.
  • People in jail didn’t necessarily commit the crimes for which they were convicted…
  • but some of them did.
  • Also, there are people who did commit horrifying atrocities walking amongst us.
  • Criminal activity isn’t innate and doesn’t happen in a vacuum.
  • The economy intersects with the justice system.

These statements are all valid, though the world would be so much simpler if they weren’t. We wouldn’t have to wrestle with the complex network of moral considerations that this list of documentaries relies on as its impetus. And we’d never find ourselves sympathizing with murderers or furious at victims.

As it stands, the list below is made up of some of the most nuanced, complicated, often painful-to-watch crime documentaries on Netflix. Each of them is a quality film with complex subject matter and compelling human interest. There are no easy answers offered, but there’s still plenty to keep you watching.