Enjoy These Strains On 4/20 To Expand Your Cannabis Palate


In the past, when people talked about smoking weed, they mostly talked about how high it made them and how many bags of chips/boxes of cereal/items from Taco Bell they mowed through in an enduring effort to beat the munchies. Now, thanks to advances in horticulture and increased legalization (read “potential profit”), people are able to choose cannabis strains for their specific properties. This means a visit to a budtender can match an insomniac up with the right strain for catching some Zs and an amorous lover up with the perfect flower for going all night. It’s a magical time to be alive.

We isolated some of the top qualities people look for in modern cannabis and paired each desired effect with its ideal strain. Are these the only strains likely to produce such outcomes? Nope. The weed world is large, it contains multitudes. But these picks do have an excellent track record. Read through then head to your favorite source for cannabis to buy the strains that will give you the effects you crave.

Sedation — Banana Kush


This indica-dominant strain does indeed smell and taste like bananas. If you’re a big banana fan, that’s probably reason enough to use it. However, most people turn to it for its sedating effects. Shortly after smoking, users get that sweet indica body high followed by some lethargy and ultimately complete relaxation-leading-to-dreamland. Because it’s a hybrid, users do get some of the cerebral sativa effects, like elevated mood and euphoria, but this strain’s use in treating insomnia and sleep deprivation is what gives it appeal. (Some people have been known to also use it to treat anxiety and chronic aches and pains, too.)

This is the kind of strain that can kick the butt of even the most regular stoner, so don’t be surprised if a few bong rips or pipe hits puts you right to sleep or leaves you needing to sit still for a while.

Sociability — Strawberry Cough

A sativa-dominant hybrid known for its strawberry flavor, this strain has a fun origin story. In 2000, cannabis pioneer and former High Times editor Kyle Kushman developed Strawberry Cough mostly by chance when he got a runt clone from a breeder. Legend says it was grown next to a strawberry patch in Connecticut and smelled strongly of the fruit. He dubbed this Strawberry Fields and crossed it with a Haze plant to make Strawberry Cough, which he popularized by passing out clones as he drove from New York to California to focus on cultivation. People still love the strong strawberry taste, but they also love that the strain walks the line between making you energized enough to be chatty but not so amped that you get anxious, awkward, and paranoid.

This high settles in instantly, and it is marked by sharp focus, increased motivation, non-linear thinking, and chattiness. Taken together, these effects make most people into ideal conversation partners who are down for digging into some deep topics, often for hours at a time.

Productivity — Chemdawg

Columbia Pictures

Chemdawg is sativa-dominant hybrid that has become a bit of a legend among stoners because of its unusual taste and energetic, upbeat high. Some might say it belongs in the cannabis hall of fame (though its genetic heritage is unknown, so there isn’t any way to connect its effects with parent plants).