Pairing Our Favorite Weed Strains With The Munchies You’ll Be Craving

cannabis strains snacks pairings

When things make humans happy, we push the degree to which we can explore them. And that’s not reserved solely for the (traditionally) thrilling things like space and jumping out of airplanes. We’re constantly searching for ways to maximize our experiences, sensations, and flavors. We want the hotel upgrade to get a better view, the absolute best bourbon for our manhattan, and, to not just get to see our favorite band, but to go backstage. We’re simply all about maximizing the degree to which we take pleasure from things. So while we love a good strain of cannabis on its own (and the extreme pleasure we get when we satisfy our munchies by going to town on a bad pizza), people frequently overlook that — like a fine wine — each strain has a unique flavor profile. And when you find just the right food to compliment that taste, the result isn’t just satisfying, it’s mind-blowing.

Individual strains of cannabis get their aromas and flavors from naturally occurring compounds called terpenes, which are found in varying concentrations in different strains. All cannabis has at least a few terpenes as do foods. The terpenes present control the flavor you experience when you use a specific strain. So, a strain with pinene will impart a foresty taste, and one with myrcene makes your taste buds pick up tropical notes. Paying attention to the flavors of your weed is the perfect way to maximize your experience.

So, we paired the flavor profiles of ten popular strains of cannabis with the perfect snack options for when the munchies hit. There are straight convenience store options alongside those that need a little more preparation. If you wanna stick to eating whatever you can scrounge in the kitchen, that’s cool. But, when you are ready to push your enjoyment a little further, try some of these out. And, be sure to hydrate because a lot of these strains can give you dry mouth; adding salty snacks to that can leave you a desiccated husk.

Blue Dream

Stock up on: Sour Patch Kids

With origins in California, this sativa-dominant hybrid is the stuff of legend among strains from the West Coast. It’s a cross of a Blueberry indica and a Haze sativa, which means it gets your body slowing and your mind speeding up. Who doesn’t love a head and body high sans fatigue? Different varieties lean a bit more sativa or indica, so it’s important to ask your budtender about that, lest you end up asleep face first in your snacks.

Like its Blueberry progenitor, Blue Dream has a strong sweet berry aroma, and the taste mirrors that with a berry jammy sweetness. To build on the pervasive sweet blueberry flavor, we like to pair it with a sour citrus profile. Culinary aficionados, this is your time to bust out preserved lemons and use them in pasta or roasted potatoes. Heck, slice them thinly, and put them on a hot dog from your bodega. If you aren’t a foodie, grab something with citric acid at Quick Stop or the like. Try Sour Patch Kids, Sour Straws, Sweet Tarts, Sour Crawlers, or any other member of this mouth-puckering category. Hopefully, as Blue Dream doesn’t bring on the munchies as hard as other strains, you can escape an ulcerated mouth by not eating too many sour treats.

Sour Diesel

Stock up on: BBQ chips

Good old Sour D is a sativa-dominant strain that gets its name from its strong, diesel-like scent. It cemented itself in the cannabis scene in the 90s, and some people link its lineage to Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. Because it acts fast to energize users and put them in a dreamy cerebral state, people love it.

As for flavor, Sour Diesel’s taste isn’t that different than its smell. It is straight up dank, funky fuel. But, it gets an added complexity to its pungent nature from a lemon-laced pine taste that lingers. Its earthy flavor needs something assertive. Inspired by the fuel-heavy aroma that proceeds a gas-powered barbecue and by the smoky nature of grilled foods and barbecue sauce, we think the best pairing for this strain is something grilled or drenched in BBQ goodness. Summer is here, and the time is right for both dancing in the streets and grilling. Thus, if you are a master of the flame, whip up some sauce and get a gamey meat going. Or just grab some barbecue-flavored chips and go to town.

Strawberry Cough

Stock up on: Popsicles

This is a bit of a newbie on the market. Most people accept Strawberry Cough as a sativa hybrid, but its genetics remain unknown. It is hugely popular in the Los Angeles area, where people use its elevated THC levels to come down when stress gets crazy. Its name comes from its sweet strawberry aroma, as well as the expanding sensation that causes users of every experience level to cough a little (or a lot).

Given the sweetness of this particular strain, we wouldn’t advise you to vape some Strawberry Cough and demolish a pie. It would be too sweet. Instead, lean into the strawberry lead with fruit and accent it with something herbaceous. If you are down for a small bit of food prep, heat up some berry jam on the stove and add chopped mint and grated ginger to make a syrup. Spoon that over watermelon, and serve it with some feta. For munchie satisfaction without the use of a stove, check your local convenience stores for paletas (Mexican ice pops) or popsicles that are heavy on the fruit without a lot of added sugar. Then, grab a bottle of prosecco and dip them in it. Yes, this is extra af. But, it’s really good and refreshing in the summer, and the slight prosecco buzz can keep your high going.

Green Crack

Stock up on: Indian take-out

This is an extremely popular sativa strain, despite the pretty terrible name. People are willing to overlook the crack comparison though because few strains can give you the electric mental buzz of this variety. People love it for the sharpened focus and boosted energy it imparts to users. Unlike some of the monster appetite enhancers on this list, Green Crack is more likely to decrease your stress, depression, fatigue, pain, and headaches. It has a tangy, fruity flavor that is sweetly citrus and a little earthy. Some people compare it to mango.

We really like Green Crack with Indian food. Give us a rich korma or really anything with cardamom and we think you have a winning pair. If you have the skills and the spice cabinet needed to whip up a basic dal, get high and use the increased pep in your step to motivate you through some masterful cookery. If you are more interested in putting in some video game time, look for a frozen sag paneer or a curry simmer sauce or get some Magic Masala Lay’s. If you have access to Three Twin’s ice cream, they make a flavor called Dad’s Cardamom that is the absolute living end. Get that.

OG Kush

Stock up on: Onion rings

If you are into West Coast varieties, you know OG Kush, which makes up the genetic foundation of so many of them. But, despite being mad beloved, its genetic origins remain swathed in intrigue. The original propagators brought it from Florida to Los Angeles in 1995 along with the influential “The Bubba.” This is a real stress killing strain that ratchets up euphoria and leaves users happy and relaxed. Expect it to smell like sour lemon and earthy pine, with woody secondary notes.

Given the lemony, evergreen forest flavors of OG Kush, it pairs well with subtly sweet, herbaceous foods. If you are a whiz in the kitchen, this is an occasion to make some onion rings from scratch and serve them with a mayo that includes lemon juice, parsley, basil, tarragon, chives, garlic, and pepper. For a more low-key option, go with Funyuns.

Granddaddy Purple

Stock up on: The saltiest chips you can find

This famous indica cross was introduced by Ken Estes in 2003, and the California strain is winning Miss Popularity for sure. People have grown to love the blend of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The pronounced, complex berry and grape aromas are straight Purple Urkle, but the large, compact buds are all Big Bud. This is a bit of a couchlocker, but while your body is stuck in one place, your thoughts will expand in a creative fog. It is often recommended for people looking to calm muscle spasms, pain, stress, insomnia, and appetite loss. So, you will be down to snack.

Grandaddy Purple is all sweet grape and berry notes. Maybe think Manischewitz meets dank weed. With this in mind, we would love to push a potato kugel on you. Some of you surely like to do a good bake and bake. But, we know frying up shallots isn’t everybody’s jam. So, we suggest complementing the sweet flavors of this strain with the classic heavy saltiness of a plain potato chip.


Stock up on: Pound cake and cookies

Caramelo is an uplifting strain that keeps people energized throughout the day, and normally, that would translate to diminished appetite, but Caramelo is used regularly to stimulate the appetite, making users hanker for a hunk of something to munch.

This 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid is particularly interesting because it has roots in the lavender family, which lends it a unique floral scent with accents of both sweet and spicy fruit. The name is a little misleading, as you aren’t going to get any candy bar flavors off of this strain, though it is a little sweet. Instead, you get a lot of floral and pine notes.

We suggest you build your snacking around that. If you are down with going bougie, get some lemon-lavender pound cake or cookies and have the tea party to end all tea parties. But, if you are limited to what’s on the shelf at your local convenience store, look for something rich, sweet, and fatty with a strong cinnamon or honey profile. Little Debbie’s or Freshley’s Honey Buns and Hostess’ Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cakes are prime picks. And, be sure to stock up because Caramelo will make you hungry as hell.

Sonoma Coma

Stock up on: Hostess’ Sno Balls

The name implies mad couchlock, but this strain is instead a super elevating, energetic high that finishes smoothly. And, despite nabbing first prize at the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in LA and getting a grip of attention, the genetics behind this Sonoma County strain remain a closely guarded secret known only to a few. Everyone else is satisfied with the awesome head high.

The aroma is truly signature, with a forward tropical fruit scent supported by undernotes that are spiced and woody. And, the flavor is similarly complex, with a strong sour citrus hint, accented by spicy and tropical flavors. This is another strain known for stimulating the appetite, so prepare to grub proper.

Okay, you are going to want to reject our first suggestion, but you have to resist the urge. This is the time to give in to the lure of the Hostess (or TastyKake) Sno Ball. The rich chocolate pairs well with both the herbal and citrus flavors that dominate this strain and the coconut builds on the tropical notes.

Monster Cookies

Stock up on: Peanut Butter
This powerful indica is a member of the Girl Scout Cookies family, and like the rest of the fam, it gives you a healthy dose of euphoria and relaxation. In fact, it is an 80 percent indica cross of GSC and Granddaddy Purple. When you give it a good sniff, you will catch the grape and berry aromas of the Granddaddy Purple tempered by the sweet, earthy smells of GSC. And, these scents inform the taste, which is earthy and grape forward, with a flowery undertone. It’s super danky, too, so be prepared for your space to smell like the big, tight, trichome-dusted nugs for a while.

The grape flavors of this strain combo well with chocolate, citrus, ginger, and raisin flavors. If ordering some North American Chinese is an option, General Tso’s, lemon, and orange chicken/bean curd offer up those ginger and citrus flavors in a big way. Also, the heavy dose of sweetness that permeates them makes your draws off the vaporizer taste jammy. If you aren’t signing on for a full meal and just want to down some convenient snacks, think of things that would be good with grape jelly. Make a peanut butter and banana sandwich or spread peanut butter on a slice of apple and top it with some chocolate chips, raisins, or oats. Look at you being healthy and shit.


Stock up on: All the cheese

Looking to get blissed af? This strong ass 80 percent indica will jack your appetite sky high while it slides you into a state of deep physical relaxation with just a touch of imaginative energy.

This blend of the sweet tasting Blueberry strain and the hashy Hindu Kush maintains the fruity blueberry flavor but accents it with sour, earthy notes. This is one that will require you to plan ahead. Stock up on your munchies, and if you plan to cook them yourself, get a back-up that doesn’t require preparation, in case you can’t get up.

With its strong blueberry, berry, and sweet tasting notes, going dessert for your munchies will probably be too much. Instead, for a fancy option, we recommend a cheese plate with rich, funky options like chevre, brie, and camembert. Add in a spicy element like a pepper jelly or pick a cheese with heat. But, if you wanna get super high and creative, make some ramen, slide an egg and some butter into the broth, before topping it with a slice of American cheese. Add all the hot sauce you can handle.