Your Guide To The Last Big Winter Storm Of The Season (We Hope)

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While two-thirds of the country is currently on spring break or experiencing weather that qualifies as “spring-like,” the other third will be enjoying a winter weather alert. We’re using the word “enjoy” here very loosely, of course, as those of us who inhabit the northeastern United States are pros at putting a positive spin on blizzards this big. Still, when you’re scrambling to stock up on the basic groceries before weather hits, “joy” is easily forgotten.

Then again, Tuesday and Wednesday’s winter festivities (we’ll need at least a day for cleanup) don’t have to be all that bad. Both native and transplanted residents of the northeast have learned how to cope with the blustery season’s worst tantrums. From braving the elements to shovel the steps, sidewalks, and driveways during the storm (to avoid more work after), to properly caring for your human and nonhuman loved ones, the soon-to-be-snowbound members of the Uproxx staff put together their best tips and tricks for storm management.

What should you do when you get bored? Or need to add some elevation gains to your paces without donning three layers and a pair of snow boots? Don’t worry gang, we’ve got you covered…

Dan Seitz, Senior Contributor — Shovel during the storm. Yes, it sucks. Yes, it is miserable, wet, cold, and a host of other things that are Not Fun. But you know what sucks worse? Waking up from a food/booze coma while hibernating during a storm and discovering you’ve got all the snow to shovel.

Also, have iced coffee handy. Yes, I know it sounds weird to drink a cold beverage during a snowstorm, but after shoveling snow, hot coffee will just make you sweat more. Besides, New Englanders will get an iced coffee from Dunky’s and leave it in a snowdrift while shoveling. That’s how you know they’re hardcore.

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