Why You Need A ‘Microadventure’ — Today More Than Ever

Editorial Director, Life
11.28.17 16 Comments


Let’s lay out the perfect storm swirling around you:


In an era when the passing of time seems to be marked by Tweet storms and politics bleeds into everything, workers are:

We need a break. A big 300 million person vacation to Canada to eat Nanaimo bars and admire Justin Trudeau’s abs. But of course that’s unrealistic, and not just because Nanaimo bars are local to Vancouver Island and Trudeau’s abs spend most of their time in Ottawa. There’s no giant pause button available in this life (even if it is a simulation) and therefore no mass-respite in sight.

Collectively speaking, every indicator is that this is our new reality. If one of the marks of a thriving democracy is that non-politicians can forget about the machinations of government for awhile, then we’re probably failing. At the moment, all statistics indicate that people don’t feel safe looking away.

That’s the macro viewpoint. But individually speaking, you need to disengage. At least for small snatches of time. For your sanity; for your health. You have to power down, close out, and turn off every single device you’ve got — even your pizza ordering sneakers. And when you take this time, when you break away from the media-internet-app-driven machine for just a few minutes, there are places to go for healing. Places that can help you recover, almost magically…

The outdoors. The thin spaces. The Badlands. The big sky country. The forest. The ocean. The desert.

You need a micro-adventure. You need a day trip. You need to hug a f*cking tree.


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