Twitter Spent The Weekend Mocking A Very Sad ‘Brooklyn Barbecue’ Picture

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03.05.18 25 Comments


There’s nothing Americans like to argue more over than food. Whether it’s pizza, burgers, or barbecue, everybody’s got an opinion. We like to go in on these opinions too, as if we’re all James Beard acolytes. And, because nobody on the internet can just let people’s opinions be, when Twitter was reintroduced to “Brooklyn barbecue” this weekend, they went after it with gusto.

It all started with a tweet from Munchies, Vice’s food blog, stating what it called “Brooklyn barbecue” that was “taking over the world,” featuring a small pile of brisket, two rolls from a package, two pickles, and beer served in a mason jar just to complete the hipster stereotype:

Needless to say, Twitter was not having this sad state of affairs:

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